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Be it art, science or math, our growing library of well-rounded activities gives your preschooler a wide canvas to explore and learn.
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Zebrainy is designed for (and tested by) preschoolers! Our intuitive gameplay ensures a frustration-free experience. Kids simply love it!
Personalized to Their Interests Across Subjects
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Child teacher
As a busy mom of two who is usually on the go, I decided to try Zebrainy for my 3 year old son. He has a tablet that he uses during longer than usual car rides and he loves Zebrainy.
Paediatric Speech and Language therapist BSc
Pure awesomeness! My 5 yr old daughter loves Zebrainy! She learns so much and she loves Zebra and has plenty of games to choose from. She’s literally on it every day and gets upset when her on screen timer goes off.
We love this safe, fun app! Zebrainy is great for my 4 year old. I appreciate that Zebrainy is safe with no ads to have to worry about-even sitting with my son while he’s on the tablet.
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How the app communicates with parents and helps the children grow
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Can I use the app for more than one child?
Of course you can! Zebrainy has the option to create multiple profiles for each of your little superheroes!
Can I use it across multiple devices?
Yes, you can use one Zebrainy account on several devices with the same operating system — iOS or Android. However, you can only play from one account at a time.
How do I manage my subscription?
If you have already paid for the subscription, you will not be able to disable it. But you can turn off auto-renewal.
- A subscription purchased on the site can be cancelled via your account. Follow the link and log in.
- If you purchased a subscription in the app, you can cancel it through iTunes (for Apple devices) or Google Play (for Android devices).

After cancelling the auto-renewal of your subscription, you will not be charged. Access to the game will be suspended after the end of the period for which you've paid.

Please note that removing the app from your device does not cancel your subscription.
Is Zebrainy safe for kids?
Zebrainy is 100% designed with the safety of your preschoolers in mind! Zebrainy delivers only brain-boosting, age-appropriate content with no ads, making it totally safe.
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